Delta Area Association for Improvement of Schools (DAAIS)

The Delta Area Association for Improvement of School (DAAIS) is a voluntary consortium of the Mississippi Educational Institutions located in or adjacent to the geographic region known as the Mississippi Delta.  The membership currently includes thirty-one school districts, one parochial school system, one university, and two community colleges.

Our Purpose

The Delta Area Association for Improvement of Schools (DAAIS) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to bring about the improvement of education. More specifically, the association will:
  • Provide superintendents and other administrators, board members, teachers, and other school personnel scheduled periodic formal and informal opportunities to exchange ideas and participate in specialized staff development activities.
  • Conduct and coordinate research and developmental and evaluative activities.
  • Serve as a guide for the continuing development of educational leaders, teachers, and support personnel.
  • Disseminate ideas, information, and successful educational practices to school districts.
  • Perform a management service in the form of identifying a resource pool of talent for workshops, seminars, in-service activities, conferences, institutes, research, and other professional activities.

DAAIS looks forward to the opportunity to sponsor activities and services designed to meet the needs of the membership and the Mississippi Delta.

Staff for the Delta Area Association for Improvement of Schools:
Dr. Eddie Anderson, Executive Director
Mrs. Barbara Washington, Professional Development Coordinator