Please find answers below to your most frequently asked questions.

New System

No, your account in our old system was transferred to our new system. 

To login to your account in our new system, simple reset your password at the link below:


A new password will be emailed to you that you can use to login.

If you need assistance, please contact us!

If you are uncertain if you had an account in our old system, visit the "Forgot Your Password" page and enter your email address. If you did have an account, your password will be emailed to you. 


If your email address cannot be found in our system, then you likely did not have an account.

To reset your password, simply visit the following link:


A new password will be email to you once you've provided your email address.

Our move to a new system symbolizes our dedication to our members.

Over the past 10 years, technology has evolved and changed tremendously. Our new system is built on newer technology and provides features that are designed to allow us to better serve you. 

Our new system will also allow us to evolve with technology and continue to offer new features that weren't possible with our old system. 

Our new system has a variety of great new features. Many of these new features are going to impact you immediately, but some of these features will take additional time to be rolled out. Below is a list of the features that we will be offering in the new system:

  • Fresh, New Website - Our new system has a better user interface that should be easier on the eyes and easier to navigate.
  • Mobile Friendly Website - You can now login to your account, browse our events, register for events, and do many other things using the mobile friendly version of our website. This mobile friendly version is made to work on most modern cellular devices and tablets. 
  • Search Capabilities - You can now search for event on our website. This will allow you to find what you're looking for faster and easier than ever before.
  • Events Categories - Events are now categorized in a manner that will allow you to find them easier. This way you can find events that pertain strictly to you.
  • Event Filtering - You can now filter events to find ones that are targeted specifically to certain users, grade levels, and subjects. For example, if you're an teacher, you can now filter and find events that are design for teachers.
  • Event Sorting - You can now sort events by their name, the Event ID, their Fee, and even their rating (only certain events will have ratings.)
  • More Information at a Glance - You can now see more information about events at a glance. This will reduce the amount of clicks it takes you to find the information you need.
  • Related Events - When viewing events, you can now see Related Events at the bottom of the page. These events are ones that we feel might also interest you.
  • Faster Loading - Our new system loads extremely fast. So fast, actually, that is is ranked as being faster than 91% of sites.
  • More Secure and Private - Our new system takes security and privacy one step further than our old site. We've reduced the amount of personal information we require from you (such as your birthdate, sex, religion, SSN, etc.) If you've registered for an event, your name will not be shown on our website to the public. And so much more.
  • Increased Reliability - Our system is on a secure and private server with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Backups are taken frequently so that you're information is always secure should something unexpected happen.
  • Automated Waiting List - For the first time ever, our waiting list is completely automated. If an event fills up, you can add yourself to the waiting list right on our website. If a seat opens up, you'll receive an email inviting you to register. 
  • Account Inbox - All emails that we send to you can be accessed from right inside your account. If you missed an email, accidentally deleted it, or if it just doesn't hit your inbox, you can easily login to your account to view the message.
  • Online Payments - Our new system supports online payments. This means you'll be able to register and pay for your events all at once. This feature and functionality will be something that we work on rolling out over the coming weeks.
These are just some of the great new features and functionality we're excited to offer you, with more to come!

If you have a question about the new system that isn't addressed here, simply contact us! We'll do our best to answer your question.

MS RESAs is our new parent site and system for all of the RESAs in MS. You can view events from all of our RESAs on this site. 

You can still visit your RESAs' website to view events that are being offered by them.


If an event is full and the waiting list has been enabled, you will see a button to add yourself to the waiting list for the event.

If a seats opens up for the event, the system will offer the seats to members on the waiting list in the order that they were added to the waiting list. Once a member has been offered a seat, they will have 24 hours to register for the seat. This is 24 hours from the time that the email was sent to the member and includes weekends and holidays. 

The member can either accept the open seat and register, or they can decline the seat. Once a seat is declined, it will be offered to the next member on the list.

If a member does not either register for the seat or decline the seat within 24 hours, the system will automatically offer the seat to the next member on the list. Once your position on the waiting list has been passed, we cannot offer it to you again until it has been offered to all other members on the waiting list. This is why it is imperative that you respond within 24 hours.

You can view all events you are on the waiting list for by visiting the following link:


You can also remove yourself from the waiting list, register for an event where a seat is available, or decline a seat at this link.

Certain events are only available to members with the access code. The access code is required to register or add your self to the waiting list for applicable events.

If an event requires an access code and the event is meant for you, you will likely already have the access code. 

Once you've registered for an event, you can cancel by visiting your account. Simply visit the following link:


Once there, select the registration you wish to cancel. 

If cancellation is available, a "Cancel" button will be shown. If no cancel button is shown, it is too late to cancel your registration using our website. You may contact us and speak with someone to submit your cancellation. Please note, cancellation will not be allowed after an event has started. 

Cancelling your registration frequently or cancelling too many registrations at the last minute my impact your ability to utilize our website in the future. We do retain the right to report excessive or late cancellations to appropriate parties including, but not limited to, other school and district personnel. 

By registering for events, you are committing to attend and are taking a seat from someone else who may have wished to attend. Please only register for events that you truly anticipate attending.

My Account

An account is required to utilize our system. This account is used to register for events, join waiting lists, and many other features.

We suggest you utilize your primary personal email address when registering. However, you can utilize any address that you would like when registering.

After you have registered, you can add additional secondary email addresses to your account. You can use these secondary email address just like your primary email address. Any emails sent from the system will go to all email addresses on your account.

Please contact us and we will update your account to use your new email address.

No, only one account is required. You can use this same account to access all RESAs and register for the events they are offering. Once you've logged in to one RESA, you will be automatically logged into them all so that you do not need to enter your credentials multiple times.

The MDE Educator ID field is completely optional and is only available for certain users.

We request your MDE Educator ID to make it easier to report the CEUs, SEMIs, and OSLs that you have earned to the Mississippi Department of Education.

In the past, we utilized your social security number for this purpose. To better protect your privacy and security, we no longer collect or store your social security number. Instead, we do our best to report to MDE utilizing only your first and last name. When your MDE Educator ID is available, we will also include this to make the process more accurate and faster.

Your MDE Educator ID is assigned and managed by MDE's Educator Licensure Management System (ELMS.)

You can obtain your MDE Educator ID by visiting the following URL:


Once you've reached this page, simply search using your name and other criteria. Once you've located yourself, simply copy the MDE Educator ID that is provided next to your name.

It is important that you provide the correct MDE Educator ID. Providing the incorrect MDE Educator ID could mean your earned CEUs, OSLs, and SEMIs are credited to the wrong person.

For some of our members, we ask for your District and/or School when you created or modify your account.

We use this information to provide events that are tailored to you. Your District and/or School affiliation may also afford you lower fees or even free events.

If your District or School is not available for you to select when registering, please contact us. We will be glad to assist.


Our Privacy Policy can be found at the following page:


The Terms & Conditions governing your use of this website can be found here:


Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions, comments, or concerns regarding our system. We're always happy to hear from our members to learn how we're doing.